Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So, this post is for anyone who watched the premiere of America's Next Top Model or is as big of a fan of the show as I am. America's Next Top Model is one of my favorite reality shows. It's not only addicting, but I can honestly say that I do believe it's one of the best reality shows out there. I just find it really interesting. Anyway, I thought it was kind of weird that they narrowed the girls down to 13 on the first episode. Usually they wait a few episodes to do that. I'm kind of glad they decided to edit it that way though. The other stuff, in my opinion, was kind of a waste of time. You never see those other girls again anyway. Right now, I think that Saleisha is the prettiest girl on the show and I think she has a very good chance of going all the way to the end. I'll have to see more of the show though and maybe my opinion will change. And. Drama, drama, drama. It didn't take long for the claws to come out and we can all tell that Ebony will cause some trouble. She instigated an argument during the first 15 minutes of the show, asking and trying to figure out who had an eating disorder over dinner. The girls move into the house next week so we'll see what happens...

On one more note, what's with Dick winning on Big Brother 8? Seriously, I know what the other players said, but I still think that Danielle played a better game.

Monday, September 17, 2007

TV Take Over

Despite what people think, reality shows have been around for quite a few years. They trace all the way back to the early 80’s and 90’s, airing shows like Cops and The Real World. When Survivor came out, it was a huge hit, which led producers to create reality shows about anything and everything. There are so many different types of reality shows out there: documentary style shows, game shows, celebrity type reality shows, just to name a few. This continuing trend in America does not look like it will die down anytime soon. In fact, reality shows are getting bigger and more popular everyday.

Here is what expert author Andre Bias wrote in her article “Reality TV Shows Taking Over Television” on

“If more and more reality shows get picked up less sitcoms will get picked up.
Dramas are just as popular as reality shows right now so networks won’t bet
against them. In sum, if you are not a big fan of reality shows you can sell
your television because it looks like networks will keep coming up with anything
and everything until they run out of ideas."

On another note, I am highly anticipating the Big Brother 8 finale this Tuesday (September 18). I have been following the show all summer long and I must say that I’m very happy with the people who made it to the final 2. I know quite a few fans of the show are disappointed with the final 2 (or so I read on the message boards of because fans don’t like the way Danielle and Dick have played the game. I want to completely disagree. Although I wasn’t always a fan of Dick myself, I think that Danielle did an amazing job in the game. She did what she had to do to get where she is. I believe that she was one of the most intelligent people in the house and I think that she deserves the money. So, I’m hoping that Danielle wins it all and I think she will.

In general...

It’s no big surprise that reality shows have been taking over television recently. Nor is it a big surprise that they will probably continue to take over. Any network from CBS to MTV exhibits one reality show after another. Some were more popular than others, some more controversial than others, and some that were just plain entertaining. Reality shows are a love/ hate kind of thing. Some people absolutely hate them and some people can’t live without them. Either way, we all know they are completely addicting.

If you are anything like me, no matter how stupid you think these shows are, you’ll continue to watch them over and over again. I found that any show from Big Brother on CBS to Rock of Love on VH1 to Made on MTV can effectively and unconditionally suck you in. Once you watch one episode it’ll leave you hanging, making you think what’s going to happen with so and so, I wonder who gets voted off next episode, are they really going to do that.

My blog is going to be dedicated to reality television: the controversies, the stars, the drama, and especially the fact that these shows are completely taking over every network we watch.