Thursday, October 4, 2007

America's Next Top Model

Kimberly was the second girl cut from America's Next Top Model, cycle 9. She was elminated because her "high-fashion" personality could not be captured on film. "I'm embarrassed with my pictures. Yeah I'm in the Top 12 in the whole country, but I'm also the second girl to leave," Kimberly said through her tears as she was leaving. I think the judges made the right decision. Saleisha won the challenge.

I noticed last night that there is a definite villian emerging from this season's group of girls. It's only the third epsiode and Bianca has already done some pretty evil things. I'm thinking that she might make the other villians from different seasons look like Mother Teresa. Here are some of the malicious things Bianca has done:
  • She intentionally gave bad advice to Kimberly to sabotage her runway walk
  • She said that she thinks Heather (the girl who has Aspergers Syndrome, a mild form of autism) gets a pity vote because of her disabiliity
  • She called Saliesha a "borderline plus size"
  • She actually compliments Heather later in the show, then immediately takes it back by saying something about "needing to knock her down because she's doing too well and could hinder her own chances of winning."
  • She said she didn't think Saleisha deserved to win the challenge and that she should have won

This all happened in about an hour. At least Renee kept her rudeness to about two, three instances an episode. If Bianca keeps this up, she could be going for a new record.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

10 Greatest Reality TV Moments...

Vh1 did two specials on the top 40 greatest reality TV moments, so I figured I would put together my own favorites:

10. America's Next Top Model's fainting contestant
- Rebecca Epley of cycle 4 collapsed to the floor in the middle of judging. It turned out the collapse was due to a childhood illness and she ended up being fine.

9. Real World Denver Fight
-A drunken misunderstanding caused a fight between Tyrie and Davis, who uttered an ugly racial slur.

8. Engaged & Underage – bride-to-be gets bikini was from fiance’s mom
-Bride-to-be Chantel wanted a bikini wax before her wedding. Luckily, her fiance's mother does waxing for a living.

7. I Love New York – Fight night
- Chance punched Boston out and gave him a bloody nose when New York thought it would be a good idea to have a Fight Night.

6. America's Next Top Model contestant is clueless
- Kathleen, we wanted to like you, but what part of "anti-fur" didn't you understand? Not only that, but when Tyra made the point during judging to tell her she didn't know what was going on, she responded with "I know, right?"

5. Sharon Osbourne storms out of America's Got Talent
-Judge Piers Morgon upset Sharon when he was mean to one of the younger contestants. She angrily stormed off the set during a show in Dallas.

4. Big Brother 8 – housemate hates photo
-Big brother 8 houseguest Jen freaked out after seeing the picture of herself on the wall. She cried on and on about how the picture looked terrible and it was bad lighting and blah, blah, blah. Get a Grip!

3. American Idol – Simon urges Ryan to come out of the closet
-Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell were arguing after Simon gave a bad critique to one contestant. "Stay out of my closet!" Seacrest yelled, to which Simon replied "Come out!"

2. Surreal Life contestant pees in corner
- Verne Troyer motored down the hall on his scooter, half-asleep, drunk, and naked. I guess this was a good time to decide he had to the corner.

1. Pumkin’s spit from Flavor of Love 1
-Pumpkin, who was fed up with New York's antics, let loose a wad of spit right on New York's face, leaving the viewers and Flav in shock.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Has reality TV hit an all time low?

America's Most Smartest Model: it may say it all in just the title. Let's face it, the show is an excuse for America to watch people do stupid things on TV. No one cares who wins or who's the smartest model. The show, which aires on VH1 and has the tagline "Beauty is a double-edged sword," tries to answer the burning question: do smart models exist, or does a life devoted to getting by on one’s looks make a person stupid? There is an assumption that the prettier someone is, the less intelligent they are expected to be. And no one has it worse than models. It's hosted by fashion expert Mary Alice Stephenson and Ben Stein. The competition brings together 14 models (7 men and 7 women) who will compete for the title of America's Most Smartest Model. In the end, one model who proves that he or she is more than just a pretty face will walk away with $100,000.

The title itself makes me not want to watch this show. It sounds like one of the dumbest and most degrading shows I've ever heard of. I'm not going to lie, it'll probably be funny and who wouldn't want to watch people do stupid stuff on TV? But, the whole premise of the show seems utterly ridiculous.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rock of Love Finale

25 women entered the house at the beggining of the series and during tonight's episode it was down to two: Jes, the awesome hair stylist with pink hair, and Heather, the exotic dancer, who got Bret Michaels' name tattooed on the back of her neck. Bret had a huge decision to make on tonight's episode. Heather has been his "party girlfriend" since the beginning and Jes worked her way into his heart and opened up throughout the season. Bret Michaels, as a final test, asks if both girls would be his girlfriend. Heather naturally says that she would share Bret with Jes. Jes, with the amount of self-respect and integrity she has, says no. Bret calls down Heather and tell her she isn't the girl for him. She storms off, cursing Bret Michaels for dumping her. Jes wins and the 44 year old rocker ends up with the 23 year old girl. And that's that for this season of Rock of Love. Well, that is until the reunion show next week. It's also being rumored that they are casting for another season with a new rocker. So, if you are as addicted to the show as I am, you should be excited.