Friday, December 7, 2007

A Shot at Love for Domenico

We all have to admit that as much as we hate the concept of A Shot at Love and as stupid as we think it is, really, deep down inside, it has a place in all of our hearts'. Aside from that, we all loved that big "teddy bear," Domenico. (If you're not familiar with "Little Italy," I suggest you brush up on your A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila ) He's adorable, even though he may play it up a little too much for the cameras. Not only is MTV bringing back A Shot at Love for another season (without Tila of course), they may in fact be pulling a Vh1 and giving Domenico his own dating show. According to The Big Spoon website, here’s the casting notice sent out by MTV:

[GORGEOUS FEMALES] MTV is now seeking gorgeous females at least 21
years old who have the looks, outrageous personality and heart to win the love
of MTV’s very own Italian stallion Domeico Nessi! Dominico wants his shot at
love, and the search is on for his very own American sweetheart, a girl he can
bring home to Mama!

We are casting the best America has to offer, so we’re looking for
all types, Southern Belles, Big City Socialites, West Coast Surfer Girls, Sexy
Farmers’ Daughters, and Beauty Queens so if you’re single, look hot in a bikini,
and can hold your wine get ready for the Italian romantic adventure of a
lifetime apply electronically now!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Big Brother Returns

CBS has confirmed the debut date of Big Brother's first-ever non-summer edition. The ninth season will kick off on Februray 12, according to the CBS press release. The show will air Tuesdays at 9, Wednesdays at 8, and Sundays at 8, a slightly different schedule than the summer edition.

Producers are currently holding open casting calls for the new season.