Friday, November 30, 2007

Assignment #6

I started this blog a few months ago and it's changed a lot throughout the time I was writing in it. I first started recapping a variety of shows, but as time went on I became busier and busier and it was harder for me to watch and write about so many shows. I started to write about important reality TV news stories that still had something to do with the shows, but it was no longer a recap of the shows, but just the important headlines. The only show I kept continuing to recap was America's Next Top Model. I also wrote and kept up with the writer's strike.

I really enjoyed writing in this blog and I will probably continue to write in it for the months to come, though I'll probably expand on it a little more. Looking back on it, I think I should have included more youtube videos, although it was hard to find videos on my topic. I also would have concentrated on more reality shows, rather than just concentrating on one and then writing only important news for the others. I would have liked it if more people commented on what they liked/didn't like about my blog to give me an idea of what other shows I may have been missing. The thing I enjoyed the most about writing a blog about reality TV was just having to read about a lot of the reality shows. I found it really interesting to read about all the shows, especially the behind the scenes stuff. There's a lot you can find about reality TV when you do the research.

I really enoyed reading the other reaity blogs out there. I got a lot of my ideas and inspiration from them. I also enjoyed reading quite a few of the other class blogs, including Matt's Laugh Tracker and Derek's Municipally Wasted.

I progressively started writing in my blog more and more as time went on. It can take a while to sit down and write a long post, let alone a few each week. Especially as a college student with a tough schedule, it's sometimes hard to keep up with blogging. I did manage to keep up and make quite a few posts a week though and that's mostly because I really liked writing my posts. It didn't feel like homework, in fact, I felt like it gave me a time-out on my homework, just to reflect and read about things I enjoy.

I only shared this blog with my parents and of course the people in my class. My parents really enjoyed reading it because they are huge reality fans, especially my dad. I'm pretty sure he's an even bigger fan than me!

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